Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Why I support a yes vote in the Scottish Independence referendum.

Why I support a yes vote in the Scottish Independence referendum.


James Sismey

Freedom. Its one of the most basic human rights of all. How could you argue against such a notion?
This is the underlying question I find my self asking when it comes to the Scottish Independence referendum. How can you argue 'No'? How can you say its better not to be free of another country?
Just forget all the crap the politicians have made up. And think about it. How can you say I'd rather not be free. I'd rather be governed unfairly with incorrect representation and false promises.
I'd rather have another countries nuclear arsenal on my soil making me a target, making my family a target in another war which no one really believes in or knows who started.

Sometimes we have to rise above the philosophy of the situation and look at it in a realistic way.
There was never a 'No' argument. There was however a 'better together campaign'. This obviously was not going to work. So they created the 'No campaign' to force/scare the Scottish people into surrender.

There is no economical reason for Britain and an independent Scotland to not to share a currency union. In fact a currency union would keep the British pound Sterling strong because it would have Scottish oil backing it. This is not good in the long term but in the short term the pound is not gold based like its counter parth the US dollar it is based on resources. The main one being oil. This is why it is referred to as the 'petrol pound' at times.

Scotland can continue to fund the NHS. To say otherwise is a lie. Between 30% - 40% Scottish taxes go to the National government with that money Scotland can operate like before. Including the NHS and many other public services.

Trident is a problem for the UK government. Like the Scottish national party has stated numerous times it has to go. The UK government will have to find it a new home. That shouldn't even affect someone voting in the referendum.

The truth is Scotland could very well 'go it alone' and because of that the UK government has done everything in its power to prevent independence of Scotland. "Well then why the hell has the UK government given them a independence referendum then?" You ask. That's what we call 'politicians play'. They allow something to happen even though it is not in there interests. There are many motives to this kind of action sometimes its a pointless gamble. And others just to look democratic and fair. The bottom line to this situation, the UK government does not want this referendum but has carried it out to either crush the independence moment or to simply look good.
For example: The Israeli government claims to want peace with Gaza when in real fact all they have done is prevent peace. If they revil there real intentions the US could not support a power that is aggressive to other countries.

There is no reason Scotland cannot govern its self. Because it can. And it will.
I ask everyone voting in the referendum not to submit to the 'No campaigns' fear tactics.
Yes we are better together but ask your self one question will the UK government really be fair?