Monday, 3 November 2014

Power to the People and the Power of Collective Positivity

How we can all share the vision and hold a positive space for the Million Mask March to go peacefully and make real change.

We all want to be on the capital city's streets this Guy Fawkes night. We are all Anonymous and it’s going to be exciting, exhilarating, uniting. But there will be some people who genuinely can’t make it, for whatever reason. After all, 6pm on a Weds night is hardly the most easy to negotiate for anyone with kids, not to mention if you’re ill or have no dosh to travel - although there are other marches around the UK if London is too far. Check out their facebook pages here: Glasgow Leeds Cardiff Manchester   But if you can't get to one, scroll down for ways to support the cause from home. 

There are hundreds of marches around the world on 5th, so know that so many people are joining in EVERYWHERE. Click on the link above to access the map and find out a march near you, anywhere in the world.

This unified mind of many people around the world all focusing on joining together in genuine feeling, solidarity, love for mankind is a powerful thing. I have linked into similar worldwide moments - in meditation and protest over the last few years. Winter Solstice 2012 I was visualising the rainbow bridge around the world image in my mind in meditation every week, along with thousands of others following the 13Moon calendar and Law of Time, Unify, too. It helped me know what was real and what was fear around that calendar end date, so prophesied. Plus, I felt connected to many others miles away from me.

That end of the Mayan calendar stuff resonated, but not as the end of the world, more as the end of this current centuries-long era of war and greed, a great time of change. Thousands in Central America held ceremonies at ancient Mayan sites, acknowledging their ancestry who saw it as the changing of the ages, when the old way of corruption, war and fear does die away and a new one of peace and understanding WILL come into being. I believe this. But, fuck, it's a slow process and we have to put in the work to make it happen. And visualising a positive outcome, unifying minds in love and peace is something simple that anyone can do, anywhere, to help personally, collectively and globally. By meditating, daily, connecting to the still, calm presence behind manic life helps you know the truth, connects you to something universal. It helps get through the rocky times, at least. At most, it's exactly what this world needs to make real change, supporting direct action from the inside out.

The Million Mask March makes a statement that we are not agreeing with the way things are done, by the corrupt at the top abusing their power and trampling all over the rest of us. Time to stand up and resist. Just read the full text from the Million Mask March official facebook page and tell me you don't well up a bit, and think, I'm with this movement in any way I can be. This is genuine.

We wear the permanently smiling, beaming with truth, face behind the mask. It's real, creative, there are many in agreement, from all walks of life, it unites anyone against fracking, the TTIP, fascism, racism, sexism, in sympathy, fraternity, humanity. ANYONE with us in any way, hold us in your hearts over the next few days. We mean well. We come in peace.

And if you’re not physically on the streets, you can still be there in spirit, tuning in and sharing live footage on social media as the action unfolds, and sending everyone protection and love. The Power of the Mind is an incredible, underused, powerful resource we all need to put into action. Find out more here and here

Keep the home fires burning!

Maybe you’re having a bonfire night celebration anyway. After all, this is the day we've always celebrated the Guy Fawkes plot to blow up Parliament, let's get in the zone of that idea for a start! 

With friends, around the bonfire, or just at home lighting a candle, focus on the Million Mask March with love and positivity, hoping that it reaches its best possible outcome, that the police back off, and that we overthrow the government. Hold this all as a strong image in your mind and feel it in your heart, then send it with love to the marchers on the streets. I’m going to hold that vision for the next few days anyway. Hey, it may not get as far as the government standing down, but it’s worth keeping it mind as our intention – surely eventually it will manifest...

Hard as it is, send the police love too. Admittedly, they are usually the ones creating the agro, not the protestors, but they are human too and being shafted just as much by the State, let’s face it. Maybe some will even join in the march on the side of what’s right and just. Here's hoping.

So at 6pm on Weds 5th November, wherever you are, stop for a good few minutes. Meditate on peace, send that love and protection to the protestors and hold all humanity in your hearts for the coming revolution! 

Show your solidarity in any way you can – that’s what the wearing of the mask is all about, not to cover our identity but to show unified solidarity to the cause of fighting corruption, standing together for what’s right, helping each other, the poor, the homeless, as the State has failed to do so.

  • Wear your mask to work or wherever you are going on the 5th.
  • Wear it into London on the train or bus, and stare out into the darkness.
  • Have it as your profile picture on social media.
  • Show your support by sharing the event widely.

Other protection tips –

Practical, if you’re going along - read through this site thoroughly:

Spiritual, there or not: Surround yourself and/or the masked marchers in a big blue bubble of light. Imagine you are covered with an invisibility cloak, made entirely of LOVE. Whatever helps you feel safe and strong.

Big love to everyone - we are all connected. 
Peace brothers and sisters. Stay safe!