Thursday, 2 April 2015

Only One Year of Wave of Action?

Gregorian: 2nd April 2015

Galactic: Blue Crystal Storm, gathering together to share in the storms of change we are experiencing.

Has it only been a year of Wave of Action? We've done so much and come so far. Of course, the wave was building before the beginning, countless people making real change in their communities, online, realising they were part of a greater all for greater good. But a year ago this weekend, a genuine bunch of people came together to launch the Wave - in person in Trafalgar Square, or connected by heart and mind elsewhere in the country if unable to make it to the capitol. I was one of the latter, who knew the beginning was nigh but couldn't get. So I'm super happy to be able to join the year's anniversary hi-jinks, especially having since met many other involved, and - excitingly - still yet to meet others who I feel I know pretty well from our Facebook connections. Love that we can make new like-minded mates online, and feel the heart connection remotely, then meet in person and see the true and shining human beaming back at you for real. So I look forward to meeting those I've never met 'in person' or at least without the mask off!

So in the last year, there's been so many protests, big and small, such as the massive People's Assembly at the Summer Solstice, the incredible Million Mask March on 5th November, or the more local Lighting the Night for Gaza and the two-woman trolley drop, of produce from Israel. There have been many Occupy's and other Anonymous events, OpSafeWinter helping the homeless in Nottingham, London and Peterborough, to name a few places taking part, OperationRealLove also spreading the love and care over the winter. Bigger protests Wave went to have included the CND Wrap Up Trident one around the MoD and the recent Climate Change March.  All of which are separate events, but all part of the genuine, heart-felt wave of action taking place around the UK, and the world. 

From Love Bombing the mosques in Sweden to all the many anti-fracking protests, camps and lock-ons - people have shown they do have the power.
And it is getting stronger by the hour.
Can you feel it?
Can you feel something building this weekend? 

It's an uneasy energy given a few strange military developments around the world over the last few days. The American army stage a 1,100 mile long convoy through six countries in East Europe as a 'show of strength' exercise - with footage released of locals waving the stars and stripes flag. Worryingly this is "the longest such movement the United States Army has made across Europe since Gen. George S. Patton diverted his Third Army to relieve Bastogne, Belgium, in 1944." (NYTimes) 
Apparently, people in the Czech Republic were threatened with arrest if they took any direct action protest as the convoy passed through their country. 
Meanwhile, in the USA, the military has announced a massive domestic training exercise for elite forces in June that will involve operating undercover amongst civilians in urban environments. Many civil groups are concerned that this is in preparation for a major domestic incident in which Marshall Law would be declared. Then last night vast swathes of the country had their tv broadcasts cut with an Emergency Broadcast message, with no indication or warning that it was a test. And more military gear has been filmed moving West through Canada

All just coincidence or is something big brewing?

With a full moon lunar eclipse happening on the very same day as Wave of Action celebrates its first anniversary, as well as it being Easter and Passover, the time is heavy with expectations. But I'm sensing a feeling of strength in the people, united against what we do not want and forging ahead with what is right, with the transformation we need to make in our world. I really feel that we are now the many, the decent, awake human beings up for making change, and the 'dark side' are the few. 

Can we all hang in there, stay strong knowing we all want a better world and can create it together?

As Kaypacha says in his weekly Pele Report: 'It is a big job, cleaning up the mess of the patriarchy and establishing a harmonious, healthy and fun reality on the planet but it is definitely doable and the sooner we start the sooner it will happen. Right now that involves getting together, on the same page (possibly webpage haha!), pooling our resources, as together we will accomplish more than alone. This is a powerful time to connect with people to bring balance, peace, justice, and beauty. A time of loving it up.  Let's do it!'

Try saying his mantra for this week: 
"As a social being,
I am willing to relate,
Knowing that nirvana,

We need to Co-create."

So join together in creativity, fun and a force to be reckoned with, in the events planned this Saturday, which include a giant pillow fight, 100 guitars playing together in Trafalgar Square, fighting fascism and holding a candlelit vigil for whistleblowers under arrest for telling the truth. 

As well as the timely astrology for this weekend, it's also the start of another 260-day Tzolkin on the 13Moon calendar. 

We begin with Red Magnetic Dragon, attracting a primal sense of being, nurturing and purpose for the next 13 days wave spell as we go into another 260-day spin round the cycles of life. Interesting synchronicity.

Are we about to see our nurturing nature and the love in humanity triumph over death and destruction as we show how creative and positive change can be? Or will it take another crazy world war to wake enough people up to realise this killing in the name of money has to stop? Join in with others in ANY way you can this weekend to push for positive change in your life and in the world. We can do this!