Friday, 25 July 2014

A Day Out of Time for Peace ?

Today is the Day Out of Time on the 13Moon calendar. It's the day between the old year and the new year, which begins tomorrow, on 26th July on the Gregorian calendar, bringing in the year's energy of Red Solar Moon. We are hopefully entering a time of healing of emotions and planetary water (much needed in light of it being radiated by the Fukushima disaster) as long as we go with the flow and purify our thoughts and feelings and probably our bodies too (always helps).

But today - Yellow Galactic Star - will be celebrated by followers of the calendar in over 90 countries around the world, including most of Central and South America, France, Holland and even Israel, with feasting, dancing, making art and activating universal love and forgiveness for all that has past this last year. People will also be doing the rainbow bridge meditation to link in telepathy together for peace.

At these events you will see the Banner of Peace, which I've written about before, but here's a recap as it's clearly about time it was remembered in many parts of the world - especially in the Middle East warzones and in light of yesterday's news of the holy Tomb of Jonah the prophet being destroyed in Iraq (allegedly by ISIS, whoever they may be really, although you'd have thought this sacred site was one of their own). Anyway...

The Banner of Peace symbol and the Roerich Pact were created by Russian artist and humanitarian Nicolas Roerich, as a response to the destruction of the First World War and the Russian Revolution. In 1935, in Washington DC, 22 nations signed this international treaty declaring peace through culture and protecting cultural and artistic heritage. Countries included India, the Baltic States and the US. The Pact states that 'educational, artistic and scientific institutions shall be protected and respected by the belligerents... without any discrimination as to the state allegiance of any particular institution or mission.' 

So, just as the Red Cross protects hospitals, this symbol and signed international law is there to protect culture. It is still international law today. 

On this symbol of human unity, the three red circles represent the arts, science and spirituality within the one greater circle of culture and the cyclic nature of time. Red to represent the one blood we all share as the one human family that we are. This symbol can be seem in many cultures and philosophical systems around the world, such as on old Ethiopian and Coptic antiquities, stone age amulets, Buddhist banners and more. It's the perfect symbol to bring all people together in peace. 

For more information on the Banner of Peace and the Roerich Pact and how it's still very much in need today, have a read of this great document explaining it all:

For more details on the 13Moon calendar and the new year beginning tomorrow with the Magnetic Moon, the first of 13 months all of 28 days long, check out the Law of Time's resources and one of the best teachers of the whole new calendar system Eden Sky's website. 

For the whole of this next 28 days ask the question: 'What is my purpose?' and see where it leads you.

Time is Art (not money)!