Friday, 18 July 2014

Kellie Cottam - Forced Adoption Exposed @ ITV reference Exposure - Don't...

November 2013 I spoke with Sarah from Blakeway's Production reference my own story of two of my children being unlawfully removed by social services and county council. Having given the names of many others, and connecting I was told this programme would be out end of Feb mid March. 

Many months later and only touching on the tip of the iceberg of the problem finally on the 15th July 2014 ITV aired a programme called Exposure - Don't take my child. 

As a Mother it is amazing that finally more truth is coming out, but it's been in and out for generations but never had this matter ever been resolved, Or if it is, its for new cases and the old are left dead and buried.

But the question is... How is this going to help so many families who are still not with their children. Children who have been adopted unlawfully, children due to be adopted, and families who have suffered at the hands of the great issue. 

Now they have requested that if anyone is affected by this issue to contact them. The thing is. How are they going to help, or is this just good TV and high viewings?