Saturday, 19 July 2014


We have created a new event in solidarity with the horrific struggles of the Palestinian People. While we hope the current attacks have stopped long before the event on Aug 2nd, we understand that Israeli persecution of the Palestinian people is not likely to end anytime soon.

On the 2nd Aug 2014 @10pm we are inviting Palestinian supporters across the country (or globe if you like), to light a candle or set off a Lantern to visually show their support for the people of Gaza. We ask that people across the UK join us for a mass meditation and pray for peace and justice for the Palestinian people. We will be livestreaming across the UK with guest speakers and to lead you in meditation if u wish. BUT WE NEED YOU TO GET INVOLVED!!!

We need everyone taking part to spread this, contact your local newspapers/Radio, newsgroups, walls, Mosques. We need as many taking part as possible, we want to send a clear visual message about the numbers of supporters the Palestinians have. Why not make your own event organize a town gathering or have friends round, get lanterns in and make a night of it. Reach out to your local community!

We need speakers, if your interested in getting involved please email

We need you to tweet and use social networking to share you night if your taking part, please use and follow #LightTheNight4Gaza

Mainly we need you to help show the world that its never ok to behave this way and to help send our love and hope that the people of Palestine will get the peace they all deserve.