Thursday, 17 July 2014

There is War Going On (but We Are All Equal)

Hey folks! Enjoy the World Cup? No, me neither. And meanwhile, there’s a war going on. Proper. Definitely globally with the status quo forces bombing and fighting. All sides are being moved in on, from the West (Bank), from the East, in Iraq and Syria (suddenly ISIS are on the march, but who really are these guys and who trained them?) and now Russian plane shot down in Ukraine, starting what on that front, I wonder? We shall see where this is heading eh? And all in time for the Anniversary of the First World War, started by tit-for-tat similar shit. It’s scary. There is an agenda and it’s well dark. But it IS coming to light. (And about time too!)

Not forgetting, in other areas not as directly at war, racial aggravation, separation stoked up by the State pushing Ukips’s popularity instead of the rise of the Greens, on the biased mainstream news. Then there's the war on Mother Earth: poisonous, mercenary, distructive fracking industry on the rampage, last grabs of resources and holding on to money. These are volatile, desperate times.

But more people are standing up for what’s right, marching much more this summer and doing things with more kindness, meditating, connecting in unity to each other, Source, the Universe. And with all that extra light, comes all the extra dark? Yin and Yang? Is that how it has to be? Or is there a chance for things to get better? More love in the world?

I believe there is – things have already got better if you go back over history. Slavery is abolished, and where it isn’t we need to work harder to combat it. And get out of our mental/debt slavery lifestyles too. As hard as it is, we now know about all the wars, and hear the brutality of various regimes around the world. This was all happening before TV but we just didn’t know about it. The first was to be broadcast into people’s living rooms - The Vietnam War - was the first to be so widely opposed in the '60s. Seeing the brutality endlessly may desensitise some, but many it’s making more compassionate? Anyone who feels deeply, with their heart, knows it’s not right to kill and maim in the name of war, by orders of the State. For what kind of justice? What did Harry Patch say, the last Tommy from the First World War? War is just legalised murder (and he refused to shake Tony Bliar’s). Good on yer Harry. 

So, slowly, maybe things are getting better. And where they’re not, the truth is coming to light to be looked at, as awful as it is. The cracks are appearing in the establishment – big time (didn’t I say they would?). The child abusing entertainers, allowed to get away with horrible abuses of children FFS!,  leading to the bigger name politicians that many of us have heard already that they’ve been up to despicable things.

At last, the establishment is being shown up for what it is: proper dark and nasty. The war-mongerers are being shown up for what they are. Do you trust who ISIS are? Never heard of them until now. America/NATO/UK/NWO stoking up the threat from them, entirely to go to war again, and now sanctioning Israel’s war on Palestine, complicit in their silence. Headlines from Gaza are getting worse, very quickly, as long as you don’t want the BBC. From
To the kids killed on the beach playing football today. NO MORE WAR!

Earlier this week this in the Ukraine:
 Today a plane is supposedly shot down, on the border… What’s the real story?

You could almost believe it’s an offensive on all fronts from the US and UK, in terms of who made and sold the weapons, who’s armies are in there, who trained the armies – a final crusade seemingly on all Muslims. WTF?! Really?

Let’s face it, isn’t Al Qaeda is made up by the CIA to seem as if there is an enemy? Or actual enemies trained up by the USA? It all plays into their hands cos they make money out of war. Arms deals, arms fairs, they’re not hidden events. My other half had the pleasure of going to one as a techie, and his jaw was on the floor most of the time overhearing the billion dollar deals being done in the name of killing people. SO WRONG.

Did 9/11 really happen the way we've been told, for example? Not according to a total of 2,214 architects and engineers, plus 19,285 other people who are questioning it. That's a lot who are suspicious of the whole thing, its motives, what it has led to, who benefits. War in Iraq, Afganistan. Bush and Blair = war criminals! We’re not stupid. We now see Blair, Cheney, the old war hawks pushing for fights again as they did with Iraq. Which was horrific. And did not work. And we who oppose all war did not stop seeing it for what it is – monetised murder. We are not fooled.

But, argh, they’re doing it anyway. How do we pull the bastards down?
How to pull away from that and make the change? Taking a long time this being the change, as lovely as it is. Or have we reached tipping point, and now the house of cards is all going to come tumbling down? I fucking hope so.

I love that the child abuse scandal is coming out, albeit far too slowly if you’ve know about it for ages because you read alternative media. Can it topple the heineous power structure?
The the tip of the ice-burg of the child abuse scandal erupting to show the world just HOW corrupt and EVIL many in the GOVERNMENTS (plural) are. Hopefully, this is the start of the earthquake to create the seismic shift in our cultural views about the way we live, seeing the unfairness, corruption and hate, and making something different out of the ashes.

It’s not just a matter of hoping and wishing for a better world. People ARE on the streets. The 10,000 marching against more war in Gaza on Friday. More to come this Saturday. Another 10,000 union members and sympathisers marched on Thursday 12th July at the biggest general strike since the 1970s. Before that, 50,000 people marching against the government at The People's Assembly, all against this ideology of austerity, which is just about keeping the poor man down and grabbing the last of the dosh for themselves. (With the BBC not reporting the marches, we're seeing the organisation to be, at least in its news agenda, the mouthpiece of the State and at the moment, showing us a very biased view of what’s going on in this country, let alone around the world. Is there a propaganda agenda?)

Ultimately, history has pushed us to a point where many of us have had enough. We want to see  compassion. Well, not all of us, some people don’t give a shit about others, are ruthless, bigoted, unkind, twisted (what a shame they’ve been the ones ruling us for so long). Surely, even the racists just want to be loved! Isn’t there some amazing way we can love bomb them?

People on the street generally just want to be treated fairly, they want peace, and simply to get along with each other, around the world. We are all one humanity, do we want to be violent, torturous, murderous or take a different path? War is about making money in a very dark way. It is orchestrated most of the time by those who deal the arms. Our governments are behind it all. With our taxes. And money from selling weapons to regimes ready for a fight. It’s all so so, very very wrong, and needs to stop. 

Do everything you can. 

Sign the Avaaz petition to write to the banks, pension funds and other investors saying: 

To the CEOs of ABP, HP, Veolia, Barclays, Caterpillar, and G4S:

In the wake of the terrible war unfolding in Israel-Palestine, we, citizens from around the world, are deeply concerned about your companies’ continued investment in Israeli companies and projects that are complicit in the occupation and repression of the Palestinian people. Over a dozen EU countries recently issued warnings to their citizens against doing business or investing in illegal Israeli settlements. Given those legal considerations, you now have the opportunity to withdraw investments and abide by international law. This is a chance to be on the right side of history.
Publicise and try to get to the Stop The War march this Saturday, in London and around the UK. 

Put the pressure on to stop this war, on all fronts, once and for all!