Thursday, 22 May 2014

Here’s hoping…/ Green shoots of positivity

(Midday, Thursday 22 May, Solar Seed in Galactic Seed Year, doubling the energy of flowering, targeting and awareness, as a Seed myself, in the Spectral Moon)

I agree with the Wave's last blog about Democracy Being Dead – but there is definitely another narrative around the Green Party that is bringing promise and hope.


Today is a very strong energy day – you can feel it with the Euro Elections, and more secrets about to be revealed from the Snowdon Files (said something on fb earlier). (Just as an aside: all the energy from the calendar is about awareness, flowering and letting go.) Can it be that while the mainstream media has been all about ukip as the protest vote, rising up, worryingly, I see a different picture - that the biggest swing is more likely to be to the Greens. Well painted by Zoe Williams in the Guardian this week. 
So while even Channel Four depicted the Greens as sandal wearing yogurt weavers, we know there’s something different going on. The Greens unite a lot more people than the mainstream thinks. All those who they mock – ravers, protestors/protectors, environmentalists – will never vote for any of the main parties again – but aren’t racist, homophobic, sexist (happily), instead are smart, kind and conscientious. We know the reality of our world, plundered for capital in a system gone mad with despotism, croneyism and egotism. And we don’t want it anymore, are fed up and there is a party that feels the same way, wants to make the same changes to protect the environment and our human rights. Do things with integrity (a major trait of the galactic seed year we’re living in) and not for bottom dollar anymore. You can't eat money (how many times have your heard this lately). Can’t everyone now see, Capitalism has destroyed much of what we know to be right and good? And it won't be long before there's nothing left - of our beautiful world or our sanity and freedom. 
So, surely, there’ll be a big swing to the Greens, finally. And if not this time (please, no!), maybe it’ll be all fucking Ukip and we see how really stoopid the UK population is. But that might spur the Greens on to really go for it for the general elections next year. 
Actually, anything could happen in the meantime – already planned is the big summer solstice events shared here, which I know will be big as there are so many groups involved, then the death to democracy funeral march on 19th July. Hey, by then we might have overthrown the government in a different way (wouldn't it be nice?). But if not, there’s still hope in the Greens flourishing (fingers crossed). 
On the Channel Four news item about Greens maybe, at least overtaking the Lib Dems (FFS!), I could see loads of youngsters supporting the Greens, way more than other parties who don’t resonate the them, and they’re who the future is with, thank goodness. Let the old and angry have their protest vote (duh!) if it goes that way, not progress anyone wants really. But let that make the Greens even stronger, more ready to unite the many green shoots, wanting a better world. We are prepared to go for it, create it, make it happen.

This week I’m especially loving Kaypacha’s list of links of groups doing things differently. Check it out to find your tribe, together we really can make a difference and this list shows so many who are doing just that. Even in the depths of the fight we’re in, there are massive glimmers of hope shining through the grey. Stay positive people!