Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Share the Truth, Change the Frequency!

Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve wanted to stop the pollution of the planet for industry’s gains. I remember I had a sticker on my wardrobe as a kid with the planet choking with fumes from factory chimneys. Killing our planet for material benefits seemed madness to even a young me, yet it carried on for decades, cloaked under lies and secrecy.

I’ve also always questioned everything, challenged authority. In history at school, I learned about the four humors, an Ancient Greek and Roman theory about how the body worked, subsequently overturned by a new discovery, which changed everything. From then on, I knew everything is open to change, that nothing could be said to be 100 per cent certain, except that, in time, everything would change.

Then, studying journalism, I quickly saw that newspapers have to fill their pages, with something. Anything goes in the name of a story, and it isn’t necessarily the truth. All media has an agenda, a bias, a slant on a story to make their readers buy their paper or watch their news show, instead of the many others in the market. It’s really all entertainment (often pretty sick), so it’s often baffled me why anyone would believe it and not question it more. But so many people still have no idea that they are being duped, lied to, played with, for purposes they still have no clue about. Some say ignorance is bliss, but then all manner of horrors can happen without you being any the wiser. But it’s your world too, don’t you want to know how things really are and join in the movement to make things better?

When you know many truths about what’s really happening, and when you question everything, but its seen as being argumentative not simply being curious about your world, it’s not so easy to express yourself without provoking a strong reaction in those who refuse to see behind the smokescreen. But we have to keep on sharing what's real, the truth of our world, for there to be real change. 

Sometimes, it’s not as easy as just telling it like it is – from UFO evidence to conspiracy theories being conspiracy fact. So many refuse to believe that their leaders really don’t have their best interests at heart – but their own financial interests or security, above all else. Or worse. Yes, it’s dark when you start to see the bigger picture of what politicians are actually up to in your name, from starting and continuing wars, to letting GM crops grow in your countryside. 

But we have to help people know the truth, to make more see that things desperately need to change. 

So how do you get those blind to the harsh realities of our world to see the truth, without losing your friends and alienating your family (unless you want to, of course!)?

The Thrive movement is a good place to start, with an eye-opening movie to get you started questioning the status quo – and plenty of further information, advice and countless ways to make change in your own lives and the world at large – so that human beings can thrive. 

Of course, people’s worlds will be rocked to their foundations as they open the Pandora’s Box of serious corruption and crime that occurs at the top of the tree. So, maybe, do it gradually, with kindness and warmth, with those you know will be shocked to the core. Not everyone questions the way things are. We’re encouraged not to by a culture that distracts in the extreme with shopping, celebrity, sport and other fripperies. But perhaps by talking about a new film or documentary that you’ve seen, about an important issue or spiritual awakening, such as any from this great list from Mundos Divinos is a way to get others finding out more.

Host a screening for some friends at your home, or go bigger and hire the local community centre. Copy a few different movies onto DVDs to give to people, if they show interest. Even better, copy loads and leave them on park benches, in bus stops and train stations, for people to pick up and watch. Be creative and do a cover design with the words, ‘WATCH ME! Or ‘ESSENTIAL VIEWING!’ These DVD Drops could even be the more shocking documentaries, blowing the lid on everything from the food industry to fracking, free energy and aliens. Go for it!

Online, on social media sites, it’s much easier to keep posting pictures and links to websites revealing what’s really going on. Keep up the good work sharing anything of interest happening to bring things to light every day.

This Saturday, for example, there’s a conference held by the architects and engineers for 9/11 Truth, some 2000 professionals asking for a new independent investigation questioning the integrity of what happened, to not just the twin towers, but a third tower which fell into its own footprint, on that fated day. If it all seemed a bit suspicious at the time, you’ll be pleased to hear many people question the events that conveniently led to a ‘war on terror’ which has exacerbated the war machine more than ever - making certain people in the arms industry a LOT of money. Always follow the money, that’s my tip for getting to the truth.

Many YouTube channels, such as The People’s Voice,  Truthloader and Russell Brand’s The Trews,  question the news and report a wider range of worldwide events.

I’ve always believed that the ‘truth will out’, as Shakespeare wrote in the Merchant of Venice. For centuries, whole continents thought it was fine to sell people into slavery, to treat other humans worse than animals and make a heap of money of the back of this vile trade. But the truth at the (cold) heart of it was felt, in growing numbers of people around the world, and change happened, albeit slowly and still with work to be done, but good triumphed evil, eventually. I have the same faith in today’s world, that all the wrongs that are being done, still in secret for many who won’t pull back the curtain, will be brought to light and rectified. 

These things take time, but that time is now. Surely, good things will come to those who have waited, and acted, for most of their lives, in the hope that the world will be a better place. Now we feel it’s our last chance to really push for that change, to wake everyone up, get everyone on board and turn this world around.