Thursday, 29 May 2014

Letting Go of the Illusion

Thursday 29th May / Blue Electric Monkey, last day of the Spectral moon, the final letting go of illusion

Today is the last day in the Spectral Moon, the 11th of 13 in the 13Moon Calendar, all about letting go. It’s also the Electric Monkey day, again about illusion, of the monkey mind, being all in the mind is no good for us, time to be in the heart – agrees Kaypacha in his weekly new paradigm astrology report

New Moon in Gemini, squared Neptune in Pisces, and a Blue Monkey day, means there’s high  potential of delusion and illusion around right now. For me, we are living in a massive illusion – of capitalism, writ large, at the end of its dying days (dear God/Source/Universe, please let it be the end!!). But so many of us know it, using this same placing of Pisces to rise our consciousnesses above the illusion of material life, transcend ordinary life as is written in this nice astro blog by Lynn Hayes

We’ve been sold a pup! It’s so unjust, unfair, destructive, murderous.
Money itself, all an illusion, something we’ve created to make commerce easy,
but at whatever cost is total madness.
I know so many of you feel it too, and are disheartened and wondering why has the spectre of the right has surfaced now. Especially given this interesting survey about Greens policies being most favoured.
The rise of the Right, right now, are the last chance salooners, with their divide and conquer tactics.
Surely we won't let it keep on happening. Know that it is all bollocks. Where you pop out of your mother's womb is nothing worth fighting for, is it? They are spreading the racism, hyping it up –the so-called the rise of Ukip, as if that's the only trend of society happening right now, making others join in the trend. Slightly scary, if we couldn't see through it, like we can.  Don't trust what's on the TV news, do your research online, while you still can - thanks to protests outside the FCC in the US where internet neutrality was being fought for.

Our leader (only joking!) Russell Brand says, in his spot on recent The Trews episode, “Don't worry about Farage and the rise of the Far Right accross Europe... because we’re on the cusp of a much, much bigger change and revolution."

Have faith. Keep being the change. (And while you're there, watch this one also from this week, making perfect sense about the political fall out from the Euro elections.) 
He speaks wise, powerful words to my ears. Thank you fella, for telling it like it is for me, too, right now. At least giving me hope in humanity.  But can we do it?
Or is that all a great big illusion too? But then is everything an illusion anyway, a dream, a figment of our imagination?
Well, let’s imagine it good, really, really good, and join together in heart, mind and spirit, and maybe we can make real change happen - but it could well be 'behind the scenes' for a while, as far as your mainstream media goes. 

Sometimes it feels overwhelming to me, the damage done and still being done in the name of State, creed and country. Shocking. Mental. Or is it just me?
It’s so far ingrained in the country we live in, can we shake off the shackles and chains of our pasts, all our pasts? Apologise, atone, let go, move on. Individually, we can't do much to stop the machine, but collectively, we are doing it. Take the last five years of successes from 38Degrees, campaigning to stop scary stuff happening in this country alone. And globally, Avaaz' people powered politics is so effective, they are even being threatened now - something I read in an emailed newsletter from them that shocked me this week. But it goes to show, we are stronger than we think we are. We just have to get even stronger. And next Moon, the Crystal Moon of Cooperation, we'll be gathering together to show this, share this and strive for a better world. Watch this space!