Saturday, 12 April 2014

Change the Calendar - Change Time?

Gregorian calendar: Saturday 12th April 2014

13 Moon calendar: Yellow Galactic Seed

in the Red Earth Wavespell, 

in the Yellow Galactic Seed year.

Just over a week ago, the exciting World Wide Wave of Action began, kick-starting a movement for as many people as possible to do things differently. Stand out, make some noise, change the world! 

So I’m going to start by writing about changing the calendar, which can lead to a richer life, more in tune with nature.

The Wave began on Friday 4th April, according to the random calendar given to us by the Romans, for the purpose of collecting taxes. But, on the 13 Moon calendar, the same day was Yellow Cosmic Warrior. What a perfect day to start an intelligent, fearless fight, questioning the integrity of the way things are done in our world – all the energy of this very day, Cosmic Warrior, at the end of the Yellow Seed Wavespell.

In the 13Moon calendar, a sequence of 13 days is called a wavespell, which has the energy of the first day running through the 13. So in this Yellow Seed wavespell just gone (23/3-4/4), we felt the potential inside the Seed, for flowering awareness and blossoming life, if we nourished ourselves, physically, spiritually, and targeted our intentions right. The World Wide Wave was planning, publicising,  preparing to bloom on the last day which transcends everything and brings us back into the present moment, ready to start another wavespell.

Then, on Saturday 5th April we plunged into the Red Earth Wavespell, and have been running through various days (called kin) ever since. Today is Yellow Galactic Seed, which is, incidentally, the same energy as the whole 13Moon year, this year. Powerful synchronicity. 

This time is all about evolving, synchronicity and navigating our path.

It really is time to pay attention to the world around us, to the synchronicities that show us we’re on the right track, and give thanks to Mother Earth for letting us walk on her, grow our food in her, and keep on turning, travelling in space.

Now, if I haven't lost you altogether, don’t tell me you’re not a little bit intrigued about why the 13 Moon days sound so much cooler than your bog-standard calendar, that doesn’t even make sense anyway. It’s got 12 months of unequal length, 30, or 31, or 29 days long, some bizarrely named after Roman Emperors: Julius (July) and Augustus (guess?). Plus, the last three months OCTober, NOVember and DECember, were clearly the 8th, 9th and 10th months before the Caesars got in the way. Have you ever wondered why none of it fits with the fact there are actually 13 cycles of the moon going round the sun every 365 days? It’s not just cos 13’s an unlucky number (it isn’t anyway, that’s just dumb, anti-feminine propaganda, but that’s another blog for another time).

The 13 Moon calendar is inspired by Mayan timekeeping and the natural cycles of the planets, created by artist and historian Jose Arguelles, and followed in over 90 countries - see and It’s a creative, alternative to the norm, which connects us more to nature, each other and to the magic of synchronicity. It’s not another rigid dogma to follow, and you don’t have to live in a commune to do it – although there are communities around the world where people live life according to Natural Time (see

All I do to follow it, is tune into whatever the day is, each morning, feel the energies at play that day, and see where it leads and what thoughts or realisations occur. Each wavespell of 13 days can take you on a journey of self-discovery, transformation, or enlightenment. Or, at the very least, just give you extra tools to see you through the tough times.

Why don’t you find out your personal Galactic Signature – that’s a fun way to start getting into it. I’m Yellow Planetary Seed. Who are you? Find out here: 

Obviously, the first time most people heard about the Mayan calendar was when 2012 started to loom out of the shadows and everyone got a bit scared that the end of the world was nigh. But that’s not what the Mayan’s meant, and most sensible, spiritual people knew it. They meant the end of time as we know it, linear, rigid time. A new era was beginning, living in the Now.

But the world was unlikely to drastically improve immediately or re-start with another bang. Changing the course of humankind is like turning around a juggernaut, and running out of gas. 

For me, what the focus on the calendar did, at winter solstice 2012, was unify the minds of much of the world – mostly in peace. There was the Shift 2012 three-day webathon, with speakers and prayers birthing a new cooperative reality, as well as the Unify worldwide meditation event, which linked us all at 11.11 on the solstice morning, if you chose to tune into it. I did, and it felt magical, subtle but definitely something profound – a birth of humankind’s connectivity that was tangible, not just technological.

This World Wide Wave feels like it’s following on from that, as well as the Occupy movement, and other protests along the way. Connecting us in positive change. At last, there’s something deeper going on, people are looking for something more than this mindless, destructive consumerism. The answer is inside us, and all around us, if we just have a little time, curiosity and courage to explore.

In future (shorter!) blogs, I’ll explain more about this magical calendar, and how it takes you away from capitalism, where ‘time is money’, to something more beautiful and magical, where ‘time is art’...