Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Plant Seeds of Positivity on Earth Day!

Today is Earth Day - even Google tells us so.

A day of worldwide love for Mother Earth, of unified meditations to connect us all together on this one beautiful planet.

Join in the Master Shift meditation today.  Or the Unify one here: www.unify.org/earthday

If you can't get to a computer, or haven't got the chance to tune in at the various times, tune in any time to mother nature, by getting outside and breathing the fresh air deep into your lungs. Go for a walk in the forest. Hug a tree! Feel the strength and resilience in its huge trunk, with roots going deep into the soil and branches reaching into the sky. You have that strength and resilience to get through whatever life is throwing at you, and help make this world a better place. You can do it. We can all do it together, as one.

Today, on Earth Day, plant some seeds in a pot, any old container, or your garden or windowbox. While planting the actual seeds imagine what seeds you'd like to plant in the world to make it better, to help it heal, spread more kindness and happiness. As you fill in the soil and water it, visualise your seeds of intention growing, blossoming, as the spring and summer progresses. Who knows what great things may grow as well as your tomato/lettuce/sunflowers?

In the 13Moon Calendar, this year is called Yellow Galactic Seed, which fits perfectly with the global seed planting happening today. We have the potential for great change, if we just focus our intentions on what we want to happen, not what we don't want to be happening. Seed years are about targeting our awareness on what we want to flower and trusting that nature will ensure that it blooms into life.

If you want to be more militant about your planting, then get Guerilla Gardening and dig in trees along concrete paths, or set seeds of vegetables on roundabouts. Any green or muddy space will do to plant some crops to feed the community, flowers to cheer people up or trees to clean the air.

It's time to get your hands dirty!