Thursday, 17 April 2014

Good Friday Agreement

Gregorian Calendar: Friday 18th April

13Moon: White Magnetic Dog

Good Friday

As well as taking the power back for ourselves, this worldwide wave of action is, of course, also about what we can do for others. How we can help each other make this world a better place: from paying restaurant bills for others to volunteering, to being kind more to connecting in the spirit of peace and happinedd. It all helps us, anyway, makes us feel good about ourselves to know we made someone or many happy in some way. Warm, fuzzy feeling inside. You know.

One Good Friday, in 2003, writer Danny Wallace made a Good Friday Agreement - He decided to do good stuff all day, good deeds for others, random acts of kindness. It’s an idea has spread around the world with the Random Acts of Kindness group in the US and others setting up to encourage the many ways you can …well… do random acts of kindness. It’s nice. Life’s not all about fighting the good fight. Sometimes you’ve got to do the good things. Spread a little happiness. Be the love!

So, go for it! See what good things you can for others on every Friday from now on – and why stop at Friday? Every day, something different? From the large scale - holding a raising awareness gig, party or talk to going shopping for your elderly neighbour, volunteering for a charity or helping at your local school. Keep up the good work!

Astro insight

Astrologically, with the Grand Cross of four major planets in change-making signs causing chaos, but Venus guiding us through it, this is the time for the spirit of the 60s to rise again in its dreams for a better world. Could it be realised this time around? If enough of us get up and get involved. We have to do it ourselves now, with countless single brilliant acts, which will all add up to one big movement, if we’re all moving in the right direction: to something better.

In terms of the 13Moon calendar, it’s White Magnetic Dog – the start of a new wavespell, where the enquiry you can ask yourself on this first day of 13 is ‘what’s my purpose?’

Seriously. See how well that fits in? Synchronicity, see. So ask it and just see what you magnetise towards you, what comes up in line with the nature of the Dog, This time is now all about loving each other, loyalty to your tribe, living from the heart, compassion, running into the sea! And sometimes just resting, in front of the fire, with your tail wagging! Sounds pretty good to me. Read more here:

Here’s a great piece for finding more out about the calendar and how you can make it work for you, from Kindred Spirit magazine – with the list of all 13 days’ questions to work with the energy of the White Dog:

Happy Good Friday and Easter (Oestre) Weekend. May the vibrant spring energy fill you with inspiration and action for the year ahead!