Thursday, 24 April 2014

How I stay positive - Hope it helps you too

As my fellow blogger said in one of the wonderful ways to make change locally : spiritual wellbeing is crucial at this time, especially if you’re working on fighting the good fight, doing things differently, trying to make change.

So, let me share some stuff that brings me wellbeing - things that keep me sane, give me hope, inspire me to keep going, railing against the system, the injustices, campaigning, being the best I can be, as real as I can be, in spite of the tiredness, time restraints and apparent obstacles. Phew! Let’s face it, this era is exhausting. We could all do with some help at times. So here are my faves:

* Some yoga sun salutions every morning – otherwise I ache and feel sluggish. Definitely feels good and starts the day in a pro-active way.

* Meditating, sometimes just for a few minutes, every day, up to 20 minutes once a week with two friends, being still, connecting to the breath, the peace. It always makes me feel better, more patient, present. Essential, but easy to let slip for some reason - don’t!

* Regular listening to this inspirational and beautiful song by Nahko Bear (Medicine for the People) called Manifesto:
'Don't waste your hate, but rather, gather and create,' he sings. 'Find your medicine and use it.'

Spot the Banner of Peace flag at the very beginning, the official flag for the Planet Art Network and World 13Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement. The symbol and the Roerich Pact were created by Russian artist and humanitarian Nicolas Roerich, as a response to the destruction of the First World War and the Russian Revolution. It’s an international treaty protecting cultural and artistic heritage, signed in 1935, by India, the Baltic States and 22 nations of the Americas including the US. So just as the Red Cross protects hospitals, this symbol and signed international law is there to protect culture. On this symbol of human unity, the three red circles represent the arts, science and spirituality within the one greater circle of culture. Red to represent the one blood we all share. Worth remembering to wave this flag at any event you hold, along with the rainbows and slogan placards.

* Gathering with mates to dance to house music, began by the recently deceased Frankie Knuckles, among others, and carried on in many souls for the last 20+ years. Dancing to house lifts my spirits most, I think. It’s shamanic, eh? Mainstream news occasionally wonders: 'What became of the ravers?' And assumed we all settled down in our slippers and sofas. Well, no, not entirely. THIS is what became of many of the ravers. We are people who really connected with each other, across generations, races, cultural boundaries. So many of us have danced with and hugged strangers half the night, put the world to rights for hours (at the chill out afterwards), seen a better side to people, felt the love (drug-induced or not) of the music, of life, of each other. It was – and is – there between us all. Yeah, I’m clearly an old hippie, reincarnated into an old raver. I'd definitely do it all again. 

* Letting in astrology, about the bigger picture, how the planets are affecting us globally – as it all shows that a battle is being fought between the old ways of doing things that are now so corrupt and mercenary and murderous, and the rise of the new way of peace, the manifestation of the '60s spirit of peace and love. The planets also show the rise of the feminine side of life, after millennia of oppression, to bring balance, not overpower, the dominant, material, masculine world with a more feeling, caring, nurturing side. Change is occurring. It really is. Hang on in there and keep doing good stuff!

* I tune in every week to Kaypacha. He’s like Owen Wilson in Zoolander, for real, and very real. An incredibly perceptive, intuitive astrologer explaining the signs of our times very eloquently and clearly:

He constantly explains how we’re going into a new paradigm, or rather, creating many new paradigms or ways of living differently. Many communities are getting together to make their area work more sustainably, cohesively and positively. Transition Towns, for example, are happening all over the country, and the world, with communities transitioning off oil, into being self-sufficient, growing their own food, making their own energy, helping each other spiritually, emotionally, physically, trading skills, and using their own currency (more on this in a future blog).

* Planning stuff to do for this Wave is exciting. I’m going to find out more about my nearest Transition Town and go to a meeting, and aim to get our large village into the zone as well. I want to show Occupy Love at the community centre. Who knows what else may come to mind or fruition. If I have to do more anti-fracking protesting, carnival style like on Solidarity Sunday in Balcombe, then I’m up for it. (But surely, fracking is so crazy and obviously about the money for the boys and sooo against the environment, the future, the people, that it’s got to disappear into the ether soon, when everyone realises it's proper madness. Please!). 

* This weekend, on Saturday 26th April, at 6pm. I'm going to join in Lynne McTaggart's Healing Intention Experiment, an online experiment to test the power of thoughts to change the world. Could be interesting, and seems as much a part of this Wave of Action as anything. And I'd like to get out in the woods and see the bluebells, as walking in nature is one of the best free medicines of all and we all need to get away from technology, sometimes.  

What are you going to do? What you do to stay spiritually sane and how will it help this wave gather pace?