Friday, 25 April 2014

The Importance of Wave of Action

So, I was scanning through Facebook, one day, when I saw this ad looking for bloggers about the wave of action, and I thought, yeah I wouldn’t mind trying that, so I replied to them.
Lo and behold, I got a reply back, asking me to write about the state of global current affairs and high level corruption going on in today’s world.
Well, that’s a pretty big subject to broach, so I sat back and gave it some thought for a few days. During that time I’ve spent time with my daughter, her friends and some of my own. I think what’s surprising me the most is the complete lack of interest from the common man.
It got me wondering about my own apathy towards world events over the years, and how would I approach someone who was completely unaware of these subjects and the facts. I should point out that I’ve never voted. I’ve always been of the opinion that it doesn’t matter who you vote for the government still get in and royally shaft us all. That’s all.
I arrived at the conclusion that the best way to do that would be to do it the same way I have over the last six months or so. I’m going to introduce you to the names that have influenced my reasons for thinking that worldwide wave of action is absolutely vital to us all.
Maybe I should share a bit about myself, at this point. I’m a 41 year old, single, working class, unemployed guy being treated for bipolar disorder. I’m a Geordie and I live on the outskirts of County Durham. I would say my world view has changed drastically in recent times.

I’ve seen the good times and the bad, over my 41 years on this planet, and right now I believe we’re at a tipping point, as a society.
If you’re reading this, then you already have an inkling of what is going on in the world today. When you look at it, the whole complex situation of energy, resources, banks, corporations, governments, corruption, austerity, disparity, disillusionment, the list goes on, it all seems a tad James Bond and couldn’t possibly true. Could it?
Ok, my first introduction to you: Max Keiser. He’s a financial reporter on RT, who lays out exactly how the banks work, who they’re run by, for what purposes, how they do it and how they get away with it. He lays it all out in clear terms and has reported repeatedly about the mysterious deaths and ‘suicides’ of a number of high profile bankers.
We hear each and every day about government corruption and abuse of power. He tells who the real players in the game and how they’re influencing everything. If you can watch him without getting really angry, you’re a better man than me.
My next introduction would be Abby Martin also of RT. Abby is completely outspoken about any and all injustice’s currently going on in the world. She has real guests who tell us in no uncertain terms how this corporatocracy is influencing world events. Abby Martin was my introduction to the dangers of fracking and the real players on the world stage.
The latest to join this list, is a very courageous man by the name of Michael Ruppert. Sadly Michael gave his life in recent weeks to bring attention to his cause. He felt that all he had left to give was his life to bring attention to what is coming. If you don’t know about this guy, then I suggest you go to youtube right now, search for his work, and watch an interview with him called Collapse.
When you watch it, remember that this interview was filmed in 2009. This is a man you can take seriously. He’s not some quack. He’s highly respected across the world. When he talks, you should listen.
Anyone who gives their life selflessly to highlight a cause he feels is so dire, deserves to have that act respected - and for people to pay attention to what he has to say.
Next, and I know some of you may balk but at this choice, but it's Jesse Ventura. Love him or loathe him, he’s an outspoken critic of the status quo in the US. He may seem a bit loud and at times completely barmy, but again he’s a voice you can trust. He’s done the system top to bottom. He’s an ex navy seal and former governor. He knows the game and he knows the players. He’ll have you thinking he’s just another conspiracy theorist. To quote Michael Ruppert, “I don’t deal in conspiracy theory. I deal in conspiracy fact.”
If, by now, you’re slowly starting to wake up to what is truly going on in the world, and gaining some insights to the players from the mainstream media outlets, such as BBC and RT, then you’re getting a fairly decent idea of the hypocrisy of the 1% and how they’re raping this world in the name of unsustainable growth for the sake of a quick buck.

Climate change is real and the corporations are loving it. It allows them to plunder more dirty fossil fuels from the poles where they wouldn’t have been able to get too before. This is a massive boom for them. They don’t care about what they’re leaving to their kids or grandkids. All they care about is the money they can make and the power they can hold.

Is there any hope at all that we, as disparate individuals, can affect real change with worldwide wave of action?


There are hundreds of options, and all of them are open sources on the internet. Free energy is a reality and people across the world are working on it right now. These generators only need to be able to knock out enough to run a household system or a car, and from everything I’ve seen so far, that’s more than possible now.
You don’t think so? Go check out the works of Nikola Tesla. Then look at the people who are following up his work now in the likes of Daniel Nunez and Marko Rodin. The great thing these guys are doing, they’re putting their work out there open source for anyone to try and work with and improve upon. If you’re a techy type and love to tinker, these are the guys to be looking at.
Do we need fossil fuels?
No! Everything we need from fossil fuels we now have the technology to produce from industrial hemp. In fact, industrial hemp is the biggest threat to the status quo right now.
If it was to be grown on an industrial scale across the country we could be providing our own textiles, biofuels, plastics, animal feeds, health foods, effective medicines, building materials, everything a thriving modern society needs. Even electronics. The new wonder material of the age grapheme, can now be mass produced cheaply and effectively from hemp bast.
As technology has improved over the years, almost everything is automated. We can 3d print houses now. How long will it be before we’re building sky scrapers that way using materials like hempcrete and hemp carbon fibres, which as Henry Ford proved, is actually 10 times stronger than steel. As technology takes over more and more, where is the need to work? There will always need to be a need to work to improve our circumstances. It’s called evolution. The world will always have people who want to push the boundaries of what is possible and there will always be those that just want a comfortable life at home with their families.
The universal basic income is an idea that is gaining traction now across the world, and one I support completely. We’re stuck at an impasse as a race, confined by bars of debt, money and corrupt legislation. What if those bars were lifted? What if you could do whatever you wanted to do, whenever you wanted? What if all of your cares were taken of to the tune of say £500 per week? How many of you in all honesty could say you would stay home and not work? Or not find something to keep you busy? I know I couldn’t. It would drive me around the bend.
The argument that people wouldn’t work is invalid or the likes of Bill Gates would have given up long ago. This approach makes work really pay. Your basics are taken care of and if you want extras like holidays, flash cars and the like then you work for it.
There will always be a need for a workforce to drive this technology and new future forward, and we will all be a part of that. However, that doesn’t mean that someone should be penalised because there aren’t enough jobs to go around. People can keep saying that those that aren’t working should 'get a job', but if there’s no work there, how can they? Again, its blaming the people at the bottom for the folly of those at the top.

How do we affect change individually?

There are a number of options. The freeman on the land movement is one which is gaining notoriety, and does show a lot of promise. Opting out of acts of parliament, if enough people do it, how can they contest it? We are governed by consent. What happens if we remove that consent?
The thing you have to remember about the acts and statutes handed down by parliament is that they are made by crooks to protect crooks. So if they’re made by crooks then surely they can be made to work for us too?
My next introduction now is to a man who is highlighting this very subject very well indeed. He goes by the name of Simon Spaniard on Facebook and his Youtube channel is Whiterabbit. For instance, we’ve all seen the stories in the news about big names committing tax evasion. Did you know though that there isn’t actually a law obliging anyone to pay taxes? Mainstream media are making these people out to be crooks to scare us in to thinking we must pay taxes or get hauled before the courts and possibly banged up.
This very subject is covered in a documentary I watched recently called America: Freedom to Fascism.
Simon is another who has woken to the fact that we live in a world built on fear of the system. He’s now showing others how losing that fear and contesting the system to make sure the legislation in place is being applied correctly. If you’ve not heard of him, he’s another who will have you raging at just how crooked our system is.
There are similar movements in the get out of debt free campaign. Play the banks at their own game, using their legislation and bankrupt them. There is also the make wars history campaign highlighting the fact that under the terrorism act, paying fines and taxes to a government at war is actually considered a war crime by the ICC.
If we withhold our money from these people en masse, again, what can be done about it? Do they cripple themselves with legal bills? Maybe they just cart us all off to concentration camps?
This again is where the individual can do their bit. A decentralised movement can have more effect, as it gives nothing for the government to aim their water cannons at, or gain any amount of positive traction to their advantage on, because it would be a populist, pacifist movement.
Look, we all know that corruption is rife within the corridors of power across the world. We’re all angry at the level of complete impunity that these people operate at. How do we put an end to it?
Easily. We are the system. As long as we all allow the system to continue then it will. It can’t work without us. What if everyone stocked up so that they could take a month or so off work? What if everyone, in unison, just said, ‘Enough is enough! We want better!’, and then downed tools until we got it? What if we withheld our taxes? What if we shopped locally, grew our own fruit and veg, traded for real goods and services with each other?
All of these things and far more are possible right now.
What is needed is the courage of conviction to see it through. What is needed is to not let the mentality of, ‘well, if I don’t do it, someone else will!’, to stop us from doing what we all know is necessary.
There is, without a shadow of a doubt, a bright future ahead of us, if the best, boldest and brightest of us become the change we want to see in the world. The internet is that light. It has all of the combined knowledge of the world - and that knowledge is power in the right hands.
However, that light is being targeted with ill intention by the very corporations who wish to allow their folly to continue. The proposed TTAP and TTP would censor the internet and not allow anything that would affect a company’s interests to be criticised in any way. They will effectively end up writing our laws, our history, and our future, to their advantage, unless we all act now as one.
They are the 1%! We are the 99%. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out the odds.
To the police and armed forces of this and any other countries, I say, look to the people you’re facing in the streets. These people are not your enemies. They are your brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, sons and daughters. I’ve worked with all of you at one point or another, and I know the vast majority of you are decent people who actually want to do the right thing. So do it! Right and wrong is not a matter of legalese. Right and wrong is a matter of morality and should be acted upon accordingly.
Your friends and family are dying in their droves because there is no justice in the system.

The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.