Wednesday, 30 April 2014

WaveOfAction Only Just Launch A Facebook For activists!!!

Last night organisers call launched the website we'd been anticipating for days, since we sneaked a peek around it last week. It has been hard going keeping it to ourselves!
It is just what is needed for the activist scene to keep up to date and get organised, furthermore it ties in beautifully with our Start a ripple make a wave article last week. We cant wait to get started properly with it and meet all you lovely people striving for a better tomorrow.
Signing up is simple, the standard email verification. If your visiting on a mobile please scroll down and click open full site if it doesn't seem like there's much there's, as a few people have mentioned this. Its very new so please bare with and report any glitches you may find to Wave Admin who will automatically be your first friend.

It has some excellent features Timelines, Chat, Petitions, Blogs, Crowd-Sourcing, Music, Pages, Mutual Aid all invaluable to activists and a real buzz from new users I have spoken too. It really is a fantastic way to collaborate with activists and organisations around the world.

Another bonus in my eyes, is stepping back from the evil empire of data mining AKA Facebook and still being able to communicate with everyone. Facebook has banned me, hidden posts from my favourite pages and even deleted my photos because I was feeding a baby in the background ffs! I for one will be glad to get on a social media platform that wont sell my details to the highest bidder, nor ban me for speaking out.