Sunday, 11 May 2014

Words As Weapons

So this week there’s been a few stories that have caught my eye. I have to say though, the story of Clark French in his local paper the argus is the one that has taken up a lot of my attention.

Now if you don’t know this guy’s story he’s a 28 year old MS sufferer from Brighton who has spoken about being forced to break the law by using cannabis to relieve his symptoms and even prolong his life.
I’ve also been following the case of a character called Bopalot Barnes who also being prosecuted for cultivation of a controlled substance under the misuse of drugs act 1971. However Bopalot is a freeman on the land and as such is legally not obliged to comply with acts and statutes of parliament. Let’s see how this plays out.

Whilst this has all been going on I’ve also been watching a lot of Simon Spaniard videos and I think some of his banging on has sunk in. He’s always saying that words are our greatest weapons and he shows us how. He ties government officials up in knots by reading them the accepted definition of legal terminology. I have to say it’s hilarious to watch at times. Trust me, make the effort, you’ll thank me for it.

So I decided to look at the wording of the misuse of drugs act and it’s definitions.

Misuse; Use (something) in the wrong way or for the wrong purpose.
Drug; A medicine or other substance which has a physiological effect when ingested or otherwise introduced into the body.

Well I think we can all agree (unless you’re a politician) that the therapeutic value of cannabis has been proven beyond doubt in multiple credible studies worldwide. It undoubtedly is a medicine for many.
What construes misuse in these cases though? Let’s look at the evidence. You have a young man who is taking nothing from the system and choosing to help himself with medication that works for him. We have Bopalot who just wanted to make a few quid on the side. Who doesn’t nowadays?

Now both of these could face real jail time because of their proclivities. However GW pharma have just released to market Sativex. It’s a high THC medicine for use with MS sufferers that they floated on the stock market making $100million in the process. They are then selling it at an exorbitant price to patients in dire need of it for the good of their health. These same fee paying patients could be making these medicines at home for themselves for free though. We all could.

Another thing I’ve noticed Spaniard say a lot is that all law is opinion. Now if that is indeed so, which parties in your opinion are truly misusing the drug?

How many of you have heard of Zohydro? It’s a new drug being released to market in America that is five times stronger than morphine. It’s legalised heroin. I first heard about in on Max Keiser.
America is suffering an epidemic of opiate related deaths from legalised drugs that are being peddled by the federal government using Afghan opium. We’re seeing it here too with these opiate based treatments on the rise.

The profits from these ‘treatments’ garner massive revenues and a guaranteed income stream.

If all opinion is law, who is misusing the substance within this context?

If a drug is considered a substance that causes physiological change when induced, could this be applied to the fossil fuel industry? Do oil, coal and methane cause physiological changes to the human anatomy? I don’t think there’s any argument that they do.

Are they being misused? Again this comes down to opinion.

The evidence shows that the fossil fuel industry is the greatest source of greenhouse gases on the planet. Are those resources being exploited? Undoubtedly! Profit is always considered motive.

Can we do without them? Yes we can!

We have the technology to create a whole new society based on sustainability. We could change everything within ten years if we moved away from fossil fuels. Anything that can be made from fossil fuels can be made from hemp. Fuel, plastics, materials everything!

If all opinion is law, are the fossil fuel industries misusing physiologically altering substances for their own gain?

Did you know that at one time, hemp was the rotation crop of choice for any farmer worth his salt? Its roots would run almost ten feet deep and choke out any other weeds. It would grow so tall it would block out the sunlight not allowing anything else to grow. This left the land fertile and healthy while also giving the farmer two or three decent cash crops per year.

I’m sure the likes of Monsanto would hate to have it be common knowledge that the best weed killer is actually hemp and not Roundup. Another substance with dangerous physiological effects that are on a par with their GMO’s! These same are substances are being blamed for colony collapse disorder which is killing off our bee population. I’ve been able to find papers that show that hemp is actually a natural part of the bee’s food chain and that it’s been shown to prevent colony collapse disorder.

Now call me Mr picky but if occurs to me that if you prohibit a natural part of any animal’s food chain you’re going to see a decline in their numbers.

So are the big agriculture businesses misusing their physiologically altering substances in the name of a bigger balance? Undoubtedly!

And of course the number one offenders, the banks! They rely on all of their poisons to keep them afloat on massive profits.

Could we consider charging them under the misuse of drugs act?

Words may be the greatest weapon we have in the war against the establishment. Hemp/cannabis/weed, whatever you want to call it, is the second.

If you truly want to see change, go out and buy a bag of organic seeds and spread it anywhere you can. Start the green revolution and show the oligarchy we don’t need them to make progress.