Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Time to be Warriors

Gregorian Calendar: Weds 14th May

13Moon Calendar: Yellow Magnetic Warrior - first day in the Warrior Wavespell of 13 days under its influence. And a full moon in Scorpio - time to bare our souls and fight for what we feel is right. 

I love synchronicity - when things coincide to take you in another direction, show the magic of life and steer you on a certain path. Everyone’s had a meeting with someone they were just thinking about, bumped into someone special after a strange turn of events, fate or destiny, something’s played a part in changing your lives for the better…Tuning in synchronicity is what living by the 13Moon calendar is all about. 

This World Wide Wave of Action started on Yellow Cosmic Warrior. Today is Yellow Magnetic Warrior, the first in a 13 day Warrior Wavespell. Now, my kind of warrior is strong of mind, fearless, and determined. In the 13Moon calendar, this time is also about asking questions to receive intelligence.  So these are the things worth going with right now, seeing where they crop up and lead you. 

Maybe I'm a warrior with words, doing things differently to sword-weilding, gun-toting warriors of old. We’re progressing to become more peaceful as one humanity (surely) so different methods of battling are a must. It’s not a human race, it’s a human love-in. Deep love, that connects us all, not just T&A, and power and greed.

So, I’m a hippie warrior, yes indeed, a warrior of love (like this lovely illustration says by Judy Clement Wall) And there are MANY like me. Our fighting techniques are more spiritual, less incendiary. But still creative and cunning. And it’s not because we’ve copped out of the big fight. We just know other things work that can change the world, too. We feel it in our guts, that it’s time to try and make other ways work. Overthrow the old, bring in the new, that's been talked about many times before but never done by so many people, to this extent. This is our time to lead.

But that’s not to say we don’t appreciate the old ways, from a different time… You can sneer at us being hippies – but so what? Let's give our way a chance now! We all want to bring down the money-grabbing, earth-destroying arseholes, don’t we? Anything goes to do it, wouldn’t you say? So we’ll walk our paths, be true to ourselves, share the love and see what happens. And you be amazing anarchists, politely. Where is Guy Fawkes now? Couldn’t he have just popped up to Shale Gas World? Nip over to the next big arms fair, maybe? Let the hippies visualise it into being (ideally a love bomb

where no one gets hurt, please) and then Fawkes can add fire to it, sensibly! We all want love to prevail really, don’t we?

So, let’s see, this next 13 days if we’ve got the fight in our bellies, to see this thing through. There are so many grassroots, campaigning, world changing groups now, actually making real waves. Real people doing things their way and it is making a difference. We can all do so many little things personally that show the way we want to be in the world. The way we want to see the world, caring, sharing, living together peacefully. Can it be done? Is it worth fighting for? Hell, yeah! But maybe fighting with aggression has had its day, maybe a new combat method is emerging that overturns what it’s confronted with, with the very real power of love. Sounds so soppy if you want to SMASH the system, rail against it, but what if we all just did things the way we want to do them, to make the world a better place, in any way we  can? It's got to be worth a try, and can feel so empowering when we do, especially with other, like-minded people. We don’t need our government, they need us. It’s not that hard to make them realise it, we just need to Spring to Action.